LEGO Battles: Ninjago Cheats For DS

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Lego battles cheats and unlockable’s

This video shows you the cheats for lego battles the video game for your ds there are also unlockable’s try these out and have a great time playing lego battles.

LEGO Battles Ninjago Playthrough Skeltons ACT2_4

LEGO Ninjago Battles | Blooper Reel (2011) Nintendo DS

from the press release
Launching April 15th in the UK for the Nintendo DS, LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame complements the LEGO Ninjago toy line and unleashes gamers into a world where heroic ninjas face-off against evil Skeleton forces to restore harmony to the Earth. Along the way players will encounter powerful LEGO adversaries and master the art of Spinjitzu– a frenetic tornado-like spinning combat technique used to defeat enemies both new and recognizable to the LEGO universe.
In LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame, Nintendo DS players will build an army and use Ninja fighting skills to overcome sinister Skeleton adversaries in the ultimate 1-2 player strategy action adventure. Available April 15th, 2011 in the UK, the game is published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, developed by Hellbent Games and produced by TT Games.
The cherry trees are blossoming and Spring break is upon us. Let LEGO Ninjago help you spin-into-Spring and begin your training as a master of Spinjitzu– LEGO style! Great for travel, its the perfect handheld game for young masters to learn this ancient art without asking mom and dad to buy a new game system. Ready for some puzzle solving? Fireboy and Watergirl are waiting for you! Click on to dive into their world.