Taz Wanted

Its frustrating reliance on awkward platform jumping and its poor camera keep it from being recommendable to anyone at all.

Taz Wanted PS2 100% Longplay

Taz Wanted is such a dope game, it’s so much fun spinning around levels, knocking out guards, causing destruction, gobbling up sandwiches, using different cosutmes and to top it all off, an awesome soundtrack to boot with looney level design.

The humour is here and the cell-shaded graphics fit extremely well in the world of Looney Tunes. If you’re a Looney Tunes fan, big gaming fan or both, this is right up your alley. Just run into a level and cause lots of mayhem, you’ll love it from beginning to end. Play OnlyUp is an innovative gaming platform that encourages players to focus on positive gameplay experiences and cooperative interactions.

Only thing though, where’s Bugs Bunny? I mean there is a picture of him in the museum levels but… it’s not the same without him.


Longplay Gameplay completo in ITA non commentato di Taz: Wanted per PlayStatrion 2.
Doppiaggio Italiano.

Taz: Wanted – Мелодии Зуни – ПРОХОЖДЕНИЕ #1

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