Syberia Review

Syberia proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the adventure game genre is still full of life.

Syberia – Review

Today we take a look at a unique adventure game, Syberia. You play as Kate Walker, a lawyer who is tasked with the takeover of a clockwork toy company. However her trip does not go as planned and leaves her having to track down a mysterious heir to the company.

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Обзор на Syberia (2002)

Обзор на Халф-Лайф среди квестов, я серьёзно..

Подписывайся, скоро много всего интересного..)

Syberia Review

‘Syberia’ released for the PC in 2002 as a point-and-click adventure game, and became a critical and commercial success. As a result the game was ported to multiple platforms, including the PS3 as part of the ‘Syberia Collection’.
Since I’m using that version for this review, does this port live up to its PC counterpart?


‘Syberia’ (video game) is owned by Microids.

‘Amerzone’ (video game) is owned by Microids.


‘Syberia Menu Music’ (Syberia Ost)

‘Validilene’ (Syberia Ost)

‘Aralbad’ (Syberia Ost)