PS5: If White Is Not Your Style, One UK Company Is Selling A 24-Carat Gold-Plated Model

A price for the gaudy golden PS5 has not been announced yet, but don’t expect it to be cheap.


World’s *CRAZIEST* Optical Illusions you HAVE TO TRY!
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Today we’ll be watching 7 Second Riddles that are not for kids! These 7 Second Riddles will test your brain to see how clever you are! The riddles will have some hard and easy questions – Watch until the end and see how YOU do! Embrace Digital Detox with a Dumb Phone: Discover the ultimate antidote to smartphone addiction. Click to explore collection of dumb phones designed to free you from the digital trap.

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Thanks to @7-Second Riddles for letting me react to their video!


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Common PlayStation PS5 PS4 Problems

Yellow light of death (YLOD)
HDMI port problems
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PlayStation Fan no longer spins/ does not cool unit
PlayStation Unit does not detect the hard drive
Information Board freezes games
PlayStation Unit cannot read discs
No Power or blinking red error light
Yellow light of death (YLOD)
Graphics are distorted on screen
There is no video
There is no sound

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